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“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”— Warren Buffett

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Perpetual Stock Watching

Business cards are becoming somewhat obsolete, while an Instagram presence is becoming necessary for businesses to grow and succeed.

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The crypto currency market is experiencing massive growth, and with that comes new slang. Here are some of the terms and sayings you should know.

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#2 Pump & Dump (AKA Rug Pull)

Professional Fortnite player “BenjyFishy” recently helped his mom create a Twitch channel, and people are loving it

The live streaming space has been growing exponentially, creating intra-industry competition between the most dominant platforms

Facebook Gaming and Twitch logos side-by-side.
Facebook Gaming and Twitch logos side-by-side.
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There are a number of tools and strategies that Instagram users should take advantage of in order to expand their reach and grow their following.

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1. Maximize Use of Hashtag Space

The pandemic has created more online entrepreneurs than ever before, and you can imagine how many mistakes are being made.

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Lack of Authority

And How Do They Create An Income?

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Nano Influencers

Tom Brady will be making his 10th all-time Super Bowl appearance as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, after 20 years with the Patriots.

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Lets do a brief overview of his career:

With the ridiculous amount of misinformation regarding the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine circulating the internet, here are some frequently asked questions answered.

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1. “What EXACTLY is in the Covid-19 vaccine?”

Rhys McIntyre

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